About Us

We believe in People!

The understanding that culture is important has in recent years become a major focus area for many companies.

Research says that managers want better information on how to better utilize the strengths of employees. The tools they have seen today are not adapted to the everyday lives of managers. Quick and easy overview of what matters for how to manage the organization tomorrow.

Based on this, we started Xientia to give leaders better tools to describe how the organization really is. The analyzes should be easy to interpret and implement for all employees.

The reports must be easy for the leader to understand, there will be no need for long courses and certifications. It should be natural to use it as one of the manager’s tools in daily operations. It is simply difficult to find out what the culture of the company really is. We believe in the importance of the strengths of each individual and how to take full advantage of this in an organization.

There was a lot of solutions out there, but the products were mostly based on the gut feeling of consultants, or large expensive analyzes that were reserved for the largest organizations. Something was certainly right, but most had no reality.
We believe in leaders who believe in their employees. 
Based on our experience we developed a completely new analysis fully digitized to more efficient analyze the people in the organization. This means that leaders at all levels have easy access to those they lead and want to see the strengths and challenges that exist.

Explore your Blindspots and
EXPLOIT your Sweetspots